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Custom Google Maps Marker Icons With Numbers Using PHP GD

Today we are going to learn how to use PHP GD to build a PHP server side script that can accept a local or even remote file, then bake any text we would like into the image and return it back to us as a .png. This is great for when you have the need to use custom marker icons in say Google Maps, but also would like to have numbers on the markers as well.

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Combat Extreme – Facebook 3D Shooter

My little brother and I have been working on this third-person shooter video game together for well over a year now, come check it out and play for free through your web browser!

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Understanding The Form Fundamentals

I'm starting to better identify a lot of basic form fundamentals being overlooked these days, so I felt this topic was long over due. Today we will break down six seeming basic ideas that all forms in one way or another need to embody to be considered any kind of a success.

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Two Element CSS Selector Challenge

A while ago I was asked by a follow co-worker if I think it was possible to build an entire site using only two CSS selectors. So after better defining, then adopting the challenge, I felt it was time to share. With this challenge, you push your thinking in a more minimalistic frame of mind with little impact and/or no learning curve.

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Working With CSS Sprites

Sprites are compiled versions of different creative parts of a website that typically has no need for repeating axises. Sprites are recommended to be used when ever possible to help cut down on HTTP requests to the server, and ultimately help speed up the performance of your web site.

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