Magento Custom Category Listing Block

Here I wanted to show you how to build a custom Magento category listing block that you can use on your own Magento store. We will go over each step at getting a category listing of your magneto categories and even a sub category listing.

Here is the finished code for your new category listing block.

$catIds = explode(',',$cats);
  • load($catId); echo $category->getName(); $subCats = Mage::getModel('catalog/category')->load($category->getId())->getChildren(); $subCatIds = explode(',',$subCats); ?> 1):?>
    • load($subCat); echo $subCategory->getName(); ?>

And The XML Block Code:

After loading each category you have a whole array of different attributes you can use. If you wanted to make each category listing be a link, simply use the getUrl() function in a similar fashion:


Enjoy everyone!
Devin R. Olsen

Devin R. Olsen

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