All jQuery Google Hosted Repository Links

If you were not aware, you not longer need to store the jQuery or jQuery-UI JavaScript frameworks on your servers anymore. Google now hosts all the JavaScript, CSS and Images in both these frameworks for you!

You can read more about why using Google’s hosting of everything jQuery here.

Ok with all that said, I still find myself on Google now and then trying to hunt down Google repository links to most things jQuery. So I only felt it was necessary to compile everything into one place for other developer to quickly reference and gather their needed jQuery parts.

jQuery – Google Hosted Repository Links


Full Source



jQuery UI – Google Hosted Repository Links


Full Source



jQuery UI – Google Hosted Repository Theme Links

Google is also hosting each of the following theme’s images and sprites, so there is no need to fiddle with hosting and images for any theme on your own server.


Black Tie: (preview theme)

Blitzer: (preview theme)

Cupertino: (preview theme)

Dark Hive: (preview theme)

Dot Luv: (preview theme)

Eggplant: (preview theme)

Excite Bike: (preview theme)

Flick: (preview theme)

Hot Sneaks: (preview theme)

Humanity: (preview theme)

Le Frog: (preview theme)

Mint Chocolate: (preview theme)

Overcast: (preview theme)

Peper Grinder: (preview theme)

Redmond: (preview theme)

Smoothness: (preview theme)

South Street: (preview theme)

Start: (preview theme)

Sunny: (preview theme)

Swanky Purse: (preview theme)

Trontastic: (preview theme)

UI Darkness: (preview theme)

UI Lightness: (preview theme)

Vader: (preview theme)

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